We have clients from all over the world and serve a variety of industries from marketing to real estate. Some of our highlights include reimagining preparation for real estate licensing. Animation for learning is a major product that we provide and have been fortunate enough to have produced a number of learning animations for supporting material for textbooks as well as various animations to serve as explainer videos for insurance, retail, and various other clients.

Effective learning for Efficient people.

ELEARNING | interactive, engaging, effective

ANIMATION | visual, audio, memorable

VR/AR/MR | immersion, simulation, emotion

LANGUAGE| translation, proofreading, editing

CONSULTING | knowledge, thought leadership, inspire

Cognito is also partnered with resourcing agencies and is the secret of success for when additional manpower is needed to bolster your workforce. We focus on quick and consistent quality turn around times and will be the incognito powerhouse that you require to ensure success. We are available, anytime, anywhere.