LXD/Instructional Designer/Consultant Working for Organizations Globally

I am a Learning Experience/Instructional Designer, Consultant and I have been involved in all aspects of learning solutions journey from: Conceptualisation, ID, and Development to Stake Holder Engagement and Client liaison. He has over 8+ years in learning consulting working mostly with Corporate/Government and International Multicultural Institutions. My specialty is to integrate relevant and appropriate learning strategies with innovative methodologies to solve unique institutional learning problems.

Kai-Jen Tsai

LXD | Visual Storyteller | Dream Maker | Tech Lover

My career highlights include having trained more than 1800 tax officials in over 24 African countries. Successfully completed over 150 projects over 8 years as a consultant including numerous VR learning experiences which influenced the learning landscape in the financial and mining sectors in South Africa. Cognito Solution is his brainchild, from which he built from the ground up and grew into the business that it is today.

Biggest Reach: 40 000+ employees

Languages Trained: English French Portuguese

Highest Retention Rate: 98%

eLearning/Interactive PDFs/Animation/Videos

Over 1000 hours/100 courses created

Training Games/AR/VR Training

8 VR experiences created


4 Full length 12 month academies/3 internships created

Learning Thought Leadership + L&D Strategy + Learning Architecture + Learning Experience Design

I believe in working smart, whereas hard work and strong work ethic should be fundamental, The real factor of success is achieving the desired outcome by utilising the most effective inputs maximising your resources and ensuring the most effective way of completing actions was taken. Thus I am a big advocate in work life balance. To be able to achieve a healthy work life balance is of the upmost importance and signifies one’s ability to master the tasks at hand.

Effective learning for Efficient people.